About Us

Translayte is a London, UK based provider of translation services.

We launched in London in 2009, initially as a writing business and have gradually evolved into a translation agency. Since our launch till date, we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses achieve extraordinary results, reduce cost and save time.


Our History

Translayte is the trading name of BDXL Ltd, a UK based service provider. BDXL Ltd was launched in 2009 initially providing online writing, proofreading and translation services.

Over time, we've decided to concentrate our strategy on translations, as we believe that globalisation and migration will continue to drive the need for people and organisations to move, set up companies, and seek growth in new territories. 


How we work

The entire team at BDXL work remotely, without a specific office or physical location (except if you count Starbucks).

We work this way, because we believed in 2018, that you no longer need an office to effectively run an online service business. Furthermore, operating remotely allows us to recruit and retain the best quality staff, regardless of their physical location or immigration status.

We also believe that not being tied to a physical location, or specific working hours, ensures that our people have freedom. That freedom gives them the flexibility to work from home, on holiday, or wherever they choose to pitch their tent. It drives freedom of expression, helps them express their originality and personality when helping customers, and allows them to be the most effective version of themselves.


Why Use Us

At Translayte, we believe in "quality translations delivered quickly". That means you benefit from:

  1. Quick responses when you email or call us to ask questions, receive a quote or enquire about your order.
  2. Faster delivery of translated documents, without compromising on translation quality.
  3. Our cast-iron security protocols mean that your documents are in trusted hands. You will never have to worry about the safety, privacy and integrity of your valuable, sensitive material.
  4. International access to professional translators who have been rigorously vetted for multi-language translation capabilities, reputation, and adherence to best practices around confidentiality.
  5. Your deadlines are important and must be met, no exceptions. Our standard is to beat your deadline and ensure that no additional work is required when we deliver your documents.

If you're interested in ordering a translation, or want to speak with us about a partnership, then contact us today.