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At Translayte, we provide accurate audio transcriptions with an unbeatable 99% quality guarantee. Our team of highly experienced audio translators and transcribers have worked for years with brands, companies and teams of all sizes, and they’re ready to help you out today.

If you need the help of a UK transcription service today, then we are happy to help you. Upload your file on our website, get an instant quote, and place an order to get us started now.

Transcription Services

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Why Us?

Below are a few reasons why you can trust Translayte's transcription services to deliver accurate transcriptions quickly.


Quick Service

When time is of the essence, you don’t want to have to deal with complicated quotes and jargon. With the Translayte online calculation tool, you can instantly upload your audio or video files and pay for the work needed. It’s that simple. 

Our rates are calculated instantly in audio minutes based on your uploaded audio and video files. Most other UK transcription agencies will ask you to register first, or contact them with the file for a quotation, which can be a lengthy process. 


Quicker Delivery 

Our audio transcription delivery is the best in the business. Our standard delivery period is just 48 hours, with the vast majority of all transcriptions delivered within 24 hours. We also provide the option of a guaranteed 12 or 24-hour slot for those who need their transcription ASAP. Compare us with other services (many of whom charge 300% more for a 24-hour delivery) and you’ll see why we’re becoming the premier UK transcription service.


Clear & Fair Prices

All audio & video files are £1 per minute regardless of difficulty, audio / video format or the number of speakers. You’ll only pay extra for urgent delivery, verbatim or timestamps.


Incredible Accuracy

At Translayte we provide 99% Accuracy as Standard. All transcriptions, no matter how difficult, will be delivered with 99% accuracy at no extra cost. Some agencies will charge for an additional proofreader, copy editor, or will charge different rates for different qualities. We will never treat you like this. 


Security & Privacy Conscious

We take the security of our client documentation very seriously, which is why we take steps to ensure that only registered transcribers, who have signed NDAs, will have access to your documents. All our process adhere to strict security measures and are GDPR compliant, so you can be rest assured, your documents are safe in trusted hands.

Transcription Pricing

Standard Transcriptions

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Standard transcript capture the main spoken audio and is lightly edited for readability. This is the preferred choice for most people.

Ideal for
Standard & General Use Cases
From 12 hours
Verbatim Transcriptions

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A verbatim transcript contains all speech exactly as spoken, including fitler words ('huh, uhm'), false starts, stutters and emotions.

Ideal for
Interviews and Legal Cases
From 12 hours

The pricing above excludes VAT (which is applicable if you are resident in the EU). Additional fees may apply for urgent transcriptions or timestamps.

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What our customers say

What you provided is absolutely perfect and resolves our issue , more so as we were let down by quality and content of a previous translator that my wife had used.

— Darrell

Thank you very much for this. Yes, everything is perfect now. I want to thank you for your services and your quick responses when small changes needed to be made. I will definitely recommend your translation services.

— Emiliano

Thank you so much for your efficient and professional service. We will definitely be using translayte again in the future.

— Nicolette

Thanks for such a hard work. In general I am very happy with the translation.

— Sona

Thank you so much, this is perfect. I have rechecked and I liked the quality of work you provide. I will definitely recommend your website.

— Faiza

Hi, Thanks for the services to date however, and I was really pleased with the translation you provided me on my business proposal.

— John

It is the first time I used your services and it will not be the last.

— Coral

Thanks so much for your support. I am very impressed with my document structure and the amount of detail the translator has put into retaining the document format.

— Kingsley

This is to acknowledge receipt of the certified translation. I must say the work done is tremendous!!

— Arthur

Thank you very much for proofreading and editing my translation. I have had a read through and I am happy with it.

— Priscilla

Thanks for the help am really happy with the translation you have done! Keep it up! I will check through and let you know if there are any amendments to be made. Thanks again. x

— Paula

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