COVID-19: We remain open for business

Created: Apr 17, 2020 | Updated: Oct 9, 2020

With COVID-19 affecting many people in the UK, where our business is based, the country is on lockdown. People in the UK have been advised to only go outside for food, health reasons or for key work that could not be done at home. This has forced the closure of many offices, retailers and entertainment venues. But not Translayte!

It is business as usual here at Translayte! 

Our entire team have always worked remotely, without a specific office or physical location, so the lockdown has had no effect on our services. Our staff have all the technology in place to be able to work from home and deliver the same high-quality standards our customers should expect from Translayte. We are still committed to responding quickly to any emails and calls, answering any questions and providing business and certified translations to our customers.

Unfortunately, while we are still able to fully operate as normal, some of the services we use to fulfil your order may be affected. Due to other companies and government offices closing down and working remotely, we are unable to commit to delivering all our services to the speed we may have done previously. Here are some examples of services that may be impacted:

  • Provision of Company Certified and Business translations are unaffected, as we are responsible for delivery.
  • Provision of sworn translations are usually unaffected, but some translators in Spain, France, Germany and Italy are unable to post the translations due to the lockdown in their country. Therefore, PDFs will be provided where applicable.
  • Sworn translators in Italy are unable to obtain a town hall stamp, due to their lockdown, so delivery of sworn Italian translations won’t be possible until the town halls reopen.
  • UK Notaries are mostly working from home, so will provide notarised translations digitally as a scanned PDF. The physical copy will follow in the mail, but this may be delayed.
  • The UK FCO office is closed until further notice, so we are unable to provide legalised translations until they reopen.

We will keep you updated as the situation changes and will continue to provide our services as we currently do except for those that are impacted above.

If you have any questions about the delivery of our services, please contact us.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

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