How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia

Created: Oct 16, 2023 | Updated: Jul 4, 2024

With the rise of delivery services across the globe, Amazon Flex offers Australians a flexible way to earn. This article will guide you through the process of becoming an Amazon Flex driver in Australia.

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What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a program launched by Amazon that allows independent contractors to deliver packages for Amazon using their own vehicles. 

Instead of using a fleet of corporate vehicles and full-time drivers, Amazon Flex operates similarly to other gig economy platforms, where individuals can sign up, use their own resources (like their personal vehicles), and work flexible hours based on their availability.

Amazon Flex operates much like other ride-sharing apps but focuses on package deliveries rather than transporting passengers. The main attraction? Less paperwork and more flexibility. For those who've recently migrated to Australia and relied on a NAATI-certified translator (this is the standard for official translations in Australia) to understand such nuances, Amazon Flex offers a familiar setup to global platforms.


The Requirements for Becoming an Amazon Flex Driver

Becoming an Amazon Flex driver is a rewarding experience, but it does come with its own set of prerequisites. Here's a detailed breakdown of all the specific requirements you must fulfil to become an Amazon Flex driver:

  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 20 years old to become an Amazon Flex driver in Australia.
  • Driver's License: A valid Australian driver's license is mandatory. Ensure that your license is current and not suspended or expired.
  • Eligible Vehicle: Depending on the type of deliveries you want to handle, you need to own or lease an eligible vehicle. While cars are suitable for most deliveries, larger vehicles like vans might be needed for Amazon Prime deliveries.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Amazon Flex operates via a mobile app. Thus, you must own a smartphone, either Android or iOS, that's compatible with the Amazon Flex app. The phone should have a good camera, as you might need to scan the barcodes of the packages.
  • Background Check: Amazon emphasizes the safety of its customers. Consequently, all potential drivers must undergo and pass a comprehensive background check. This check might include scrutiny of driving records and criminal history.
  • Vehicle Insurance: Your vehicle should be insured as per Australian regulations. While Amazon does provide its own commercial insurance for drivers during delivery blocks, it's crucial that your vehicle's primary insurance is active and valid.
  • Tax Considerations: As an Amazon Flex driver, you'll be working as an independent contractor. This means you're responsible for managing and paying your taxes. Familiarize yourself with the tax obligations relevant to this line of work in Australia.
  • Physical Capability: The job can sometimes require lifting heavy packages. It's essential to ensure you're physically fit and capable of doing some heavy lifting without straining yourself.
  • Good Knowledge of the Area: While not a strict requirement, having a good understanding of the delivery area can be a boon. It helps in efficient navigation, ensuring timely deliveries and a higher satisfaction rate among your customers.
  • Customer Service Skills: Sometimes, you may interact with Amazon customers during deliveries. A pleasant demeanour and basic customer service skills can enhance their experience and earn you good reviews.
  • Bank Account: Since Amazon pays its Flex drivers directly through bank transfers, having an active bank account is necessary. Ensure the details you provide during sign-up are accurate to avoid payment delays.
  • Strong Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial as the Amazon Flex app is central to the delivery process. From accepting blocks to navigating and confirming deliveries, you'll rely heavily on online services.


How to Sign up as an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia

To sign up to become an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia, do the following:

  1. Visit the Amazon Flex website: Start by navigating to the official Amazon Flex Driver Australia website. If there are any documents or requirements that you don't understand, especially if English isn't your first language, you might consider seeking a NAATI-certified translator to assist.
  2. Download the app: The Amazon Flex driver support is centralized within the Flex app.
  3. Provide necessary details: Input personal details, vehicle information, and bank account details for payment.
  4. Complete the background check: It's a necessary step to ensure safety and reliability.
  5. Watch training videos: These will guide you on how to pick, pack, and deliver packages efficiently.
  6. Start delivering: Once approved, pick your schedules and start earning.


Amazon Flex Car Requirements

When considering joining Amazon Flex as a driver, the type of vehicle you possess plays a significant role. The vehicle's size and condition can determine the kind of deliveries you can handle. Amazon Flex also requires that vehicles be in good condition, have a valid registration, and meet the necessary insurance requirements. The type of vehicle determines the kind of packages you can deliver. Let’s get into the specific requirements for each vehicle:


  • Type: Sedan, hatchback, or a small SUV.
  • Condition: It must be in good working order without any major damages.
  • Capacity: It should have enough space to fit standard-sized packages. This usually means you should be able to fit at least 50 standard-sized parcels.
  • Insurance: It must have valid comprehensive or third-party insurance.
  • Age: While Amazon Flex doesn't specify a particular age for cars, it's essential that they are reliable and won't break down during deliveries.
  • Usage: Suitable for Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and smaller package deliveries.

Vans and Large Passenger Vehicles:

  • Type: Delivery vans or large SUVs.
  • Condition: It should be in excellent working condition without significant damage.
  • Capacity: These vehicles are used for larger deliveries, so they should have ample space. This might mean the ability to carry large items like electronics or even furniture or handle bulk deliveries.
  • Insurance: Must have valid comprehensive or third-party insurance.
  • Age: Just like cars, while there's no specific age requirement, the vehicle should be reliable.
  • Usage: Ideal for delivering bigger packages, or when there's a high volume of deliveries in one block.

For both categories, all vehicles must have:

  1. A valid registration in the state of operation.
  2. Clear and visible number plates.
  3. No commercial branding, unless it's Amazon Flex-related.

It's also worth noting that while these are the general requirements, specific needs might vary based on the region or city in Australia. Always check the local Amazon Flex driver Australia guidelines to be sure. Additionally, the Amazon Flex website provides a tool to check large vehicle eligibility to ensure your vehicle fits its criteria.


Types of cars approved by Amazon Flex in Australia


The Role of Certified Translation in Becoming an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia

As an aspiring Amazon Flex driver in Australia who may have migrated from a non-English speaking country, it becomes pivotal to understand all the requirements, documentation, and processes in detail. This is where Certified NAATI Translation Services in Australia play a crucial role.

Documents such as driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and other essential paperwork not originally in English will require translation. To ensure that the translation is accepted by authorities and organizations like Amazon, it's imperative to have these documents translated by a NAATI-certified translator.

Translayte stands out as a beacon for foreigners in Australia seeking accurate and timely translations. By opting for our services, you can seamlessly navigate the sign-up process, ensuring all your translated documents align with the standards set by Amazon Australia.

Leveraging certified translation services not only streamlines the application process but also accentuates the credibility of the applicant.


How Much Does an Amazon Flex Driver Make in Australia?

 Sedan Large Passenger Vehicle Cargo Van 
Block Length Approximately 4 Hours Approximately 6.5 hours Approximately 8 hours 
General Minimum Earning per Block $114$171$270
  1. Base Pay
    The foundation of an Amazon Flex driver's earnings is the base pay, which varies depending on the city, demand, and specific delivery block. On average, an Amazon Flex driver can expect a base pay of between $28 to $34 per hour. This pay is guaranteed as long as the driver completes the assigned deliveries within the stipulated timeframe.
  2. Tips
    One of the key benefits of being an Amazon Flex driver is the potential to earn tips, especially when delivering ‘Amazon Prime Now’ orders or other services where customers can add a gratuity. While the amount varies based on customer discretion, tips can significantly boost earnings. Some drivers report earning an additional $50 or more on good days solely from tips.
  3. Surge Pricing
    During high-demand periods, such as holiday seasons or promotional days, Amazon Flex might offer surge pricing. This means drivers can earn more than their usual base pay. For instance, during peak holiday times, earnings can surge to $30 or even $35 per hour.
  4. Incentives and Bonuses
    Occasionally, Amazon offers bonuses and incentives to drivers, especially those with high delivery ratings or those who pick up blocks during high-demand times. These incentives can range from an additional $5 to $50 for a block, depending on the urgency and location.
  5. Expenses to Consider
    While the earnings can be attractive, it's essential to factor in operational costs, such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, and insurance. Depending on the vehicle's fuel efficiency and current petrol prices, a driver might spend between $5 to $15 on fuel for a typical 3-hour delivery block. Regular vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes and tyre rotations, can also add to expenses but is essential for ensuring efficient deliveries.


How do You get Paid on Amazon Flex?

Earning money with Amazon Flex is straightforward, with the platform designed to make the payment process as hassle-free as possible for its drivers. Here's a detailed breakdown of the payment process:

  • Payment Schedule: Amazon Flex typically pays its drivers twice a week. This bi-weekly schedule ensures that drivers receive their earnings promptly, allowing them to manage their finances more effectively.
  • Direct Deposit: All payments are made through direct deposit to the bank account provided by the driver during the sign-up process. It's essential to ensure that the bank account details provided are accurate to avoid any payment delays.
  • Earnings Breakdown: The Amazon Flex app provides a comprehensive breakdown of your earnings. By navigating to the earnings section in the app, drivers can view details of each delivery block they've completed, the hours worked, and the corresponding pay.
  • Adjustments: Occasionally, there might be adjustments to a driver's pay. This can result from bonuses, incentives, or corrections. Any adjustments will be clearly listed in the earnings breakdown in the app, with a description explaining the reason.
  • Payment Issues: In the rare event of any discrepancies or issues with payment, Amazon Flex driver support is available to assist. It's essential to report any concerns promptly to ensure they are addressed.


Where is Amazon Flex Available in Australia?

City AddressType of Vehicle Operational 

• Regents Park (DNS2)

• Botany (XNS1)

• Bella Vista (DNS4)

Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans only.
NewcastleMayfield West (XNC1)Sedans, Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans.
GosfordWest Gosford (XWG1)Sedans, Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans.

Mulgrave (DVT1)

Melbourne Airport (DVT3)

Join the waitlist. (Not yet available)
GeelongGeelong (XGE4)Sedans, Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans.
Brisbane Pinkenba (DQD1)Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans only.
PerthKewdale (DWT1)Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans only.
Gold CoastArundel (XGC1)Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans only.
AdelaideCavan (DQQ1)Large Passenger Vehicles and Cargo Vans only.


FAQs About Becoming an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia


What is a Delivery Block?

A delivery block is a specific time frame during which an Amazon Flex driver is scheduled to pick up and deliver packages. It's essentially a shift that drivers can choose based on their availability and preference.


Does Amazon Provide Insurance to Amazon Flex Drivers?

Yes, Amazon provides a commercial insurance policy for its drivers when they're on a delivery block.


How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for Amazon Flex in Australia?

The approval process, including the background check, typically takes between 2 to 5 days.


What are the Steps to Start Delivering Amazon Packages in Australia?

After approval, open the Amazon Flex app, check available delivery blocks, and select one that fits your schedule.


Are there any Minimum Deliveries to Stay Eligible to Deliver With Amazon Flex?

No, there's no set minimum. However, consistent availability can increase your chances of getting more delivery blocks.


How Do I Pick up a Delivery Block?

Open the app, navigate to 'Available Blocks', and choose one that fits your schedule.


How Do You Accept a Job?

When a delivery block matches your availability, you'll receive a notification. Simply accept the job through the app.


Can I Cancel a Delivery Block?

Yes, but it's advisable to do so at least 45 minutes before the start time to avoid penalties.


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