How to Become an Ola Driver in Australia

Created: Oct 25, 2023 | Updated: Oct 25, 2023

In the bustling cities of Australia, the demand for reliable and convenient transportation is ever-present. For many, Ola provides the solution.

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Ola has been making waves in the transport industry globally. Originating from India, Ola's journey to the shores of Australia signifies its commitment to providing efficient and user-friendly transportation solutions. As ridesharing gains traction in today's urbanized world, platforms like Ola and Uber have become synonymous with modern-day commuting.

The meteoric rise of rideshare services is hardly surprising. They offer unparalleled convenience, giving riders the power to summon transportation directly to their location at the touch of a button. Traditional taxis and other forms of public transport, while still prevalent, often lack the seamless experience that platforms like Ola offer. With real-time tracking, estimated time of arrival, and cashless payments, the ridesharing experience is tailored for the tech-savvy generation.

In Australia, Ola's presence has been rapidly expanding. From bustling cities like Sydney and Melbourne to more relaxed locales like Gold Coast and Adelaide, Ola has become a household name. Their commitment to understanding the unique nuances of the Australian transport landscape and tailoring their service to meet those needs is commendable. As the network grows, so does the community of riders and drivers, all united by a platform that seeks to make daily commutes a breeze.


Why Should I Become an Ola Driver in Australia?

Driving for Ola offers several advantages. To start with, it gives you the flexibility to set your own hours. Whether you're looking for a full-time gig or just something on the side, Ola provides that opportunity. Their competitive pricing model ensures that you get a fair share for each ride.

Furthermore, Ola deeply values the safety of its drivers. Their in-app SOS feature is a testament to this commitment. With just the touch of a button, drivers can alert Ola driver support and local authorities if they ever feel in danger. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially when working odd hours or unfamiliar routes. We share more convincing reasons why you may want to consider working for Ola:


  1. Continuous Support: Ola prides itself on its driver support system. Whether it's a query about payments, an issue with the app, or any other concern, the Ola driver support team is always ready to assist.
  2. Becoming Part of a Community: Ola frequently organizes events and meet-ups for its drivers. These foster a sense of belonging, allowing drivers to share experiences, tips, and best practices with their peers. Such interactions not only improve the quality of service but also enhance the overall driving experience.
  3. Environmentally Conscious Options: With the world moving towards sustainable solutions, Ola offers options for drivers with electric or hybrid vehicles. This caters to the eco-conscious market segment, potentially increasing rides and earnings for drivers with such vehicles.
  4. Feedback and Growth: The in-app rating and feedback system allows drivers to consistently improve their service. Positive reviews can lead to more frequent rides, while constructive criticism offers drivers an opportunity to refine and enhance their skills.

Ola Driver Requirements in Australia

Driving with Ola in Australia means adhering to a set of stipulated requirements that ensure both driver and passenger safety, as well as a standard of service. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the qualifications and prerequisites you’ll need to meet:

  • Age and Experience: All Ola drivers must be at least 21 years of age. Furthermore, depending on the region, there might be a stipulation on the number of years you've held a driving license. For many regions, it's a prerequisite to have a certain number of years of driving experience.
  • Valid Driving License: A full, valid Australian driving license is mandatory. This must be the appropriate type for the category of vehicle you're driving. If you're from overseas and possess a non-Australian license, you'd need to have it translated by a NAATI-certified translator. Such translations ensure that Ola can verify the legitimacy and relevance of your license. Relying on certified translation services for this process is crucial to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Document Verification: In addition to your driving license, you’d be required to produce other documents, which may include:
    - Personal identification like a passport or birth certificate.
    - A recent passport-sized photograph.
    - Proof of vehicle insurance.
    - Documents proving vehicle ownership or lease agreement.
  • Background Checks: Ola takes the safety of its passengers very seriously. Hence, all potential drivers undergo a comprehensive background check. This involves a review of any criminal records, driving history including traffic violations, and any other relevant reports. In certain regions, you might also need to provide a Working With Children Check or its equivalent.
  • Medical Fitness: Some states or territories may necessitate a medical check-up to ensure that you are fit to drive and won't pose a risk to yourself or passengers due to medical conditions.
  • Certifications: Depending on the region, you might need to complete a special course or obtain a certification tailored for rideshare drivers. This helps in ensuring that all Ola drivers understand road safety, customer service, and other essential aspects of the job.
  • State-Specific Requirements: Each state in Australia has its own set of rules and regulations for rideshare drivers. For instance:
    - In New South Wales, drivers must hold a Passenger Transport license code.
    - Victorian drivers might need to complete a Driver Accreditation with Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria.

It’s advisable to always check with local regulations, or contact the Ola driver support directly, before initiating the registration process. This ensures you don't miss out on any specific requirements pertinent to your region.

  • Non-English Document Translations: If any of your required documents are in a non-English language, they will need a certified translation in Australia. Ola accepts translations only from NAATI-certified translators. Using professional certified translation services guarantees that the translated documents maintain their original intent and meaning, ensuring a smooth verification process.

Meeting these requirements not only ensures that you're compliant with Ola's standards but also underpins the trust and safety factors that passengers expect when they choose Ola.


Ola Driver


Ola Vehicle Requirements

Ensuring that you have the right vehicle is paramount when considering driving for Ola. The company has established a set of requirements to ensure passenger safety, comfort, and a standard of service that aligns with Ola's brand values. Here’s an in-depth look at what’s expected:

  • Condition and Appearance:
    • Your vehicle should be mechanically sound and free from issues that could affect its safety or performance.
    • While minor wear and tear are understandable, vehicles with significant cosmetic damage, rust, or other visible flaws won't make the cut. Remember, first impressions count, and passengers appreciate a clean, well-maintained car.
    • The interior of the car should be kept clean and free from odours. Regular cleaning, both inside and out, not only presents a professional image but also ensures passengers have a pleasant experience.
    • Bikes, Sedans, SUVs and Rickshaws (if you are in India) can be used to work for Ola, as long as they are in good working condition.
  • Age of the Vehicle:
    • While the general rule is that cars should be no older than 10 years, this can vary by region. Some cities might have stricter standards, especially if there are local regulations governing rideshare vehicles.
  • Number of Doors and Seating:
    • All vehicles must have at least four doors, excluding the boot. This ensures easy access for passengers.
    • Your car should comfortably seat a minimum of four passengers in addition to the driver. This doesn't include larger vehicles or speciality services Ola might offer, like SUVs or luxury cars, which will have their own set of requirements.
  • Vehicle Inspection:
    • Depending on local jurisdiction, your vehicle may need to undergo and pass an inspection to ensure it meets safety and operational standards.
    • This inspection might cover aspects like brake performance, tyre conditions, lights, seat belts, and more. Regular maintenance checks can help ensure your vehicle passes this inspection without any hitches.
  • Insurance:
    • It's vital to have an active insurance policy that covers rideshare operations. This is beyond your regular vehicle insurance. Rideshare insurance ensures that in the event of an accident while on a trip, both you and your passengers are covered.
    • Always keep a digital or physical copy of your insurance in the vehicle. It might be required during inspections or if you're pulled over by authorities.
  • Other Requirements:
    • Some regions might have additional specifications, like having a certain fuel efficiency rating or being of a particular car type or model.
    • Emission standards could also play a role, especially in cities that are pushing for greener modes of transport. It might be beneficial to have a vehicle that meets or exceeds these environmental standards.

To ensure you're always in compliance, it's a good practice to regularly check with Ola's updated guidelines or visit the local Ola office. They'll provide clarity on any new or modified requirements tailored to your region.

The Process of becoming an Ola Driver

  1. Sign Up: Visit the official Ola website and navigate to the Ola driver login portal to create a new account.
  2. Document Submission: Upload the necessary documents as per the requirements. If your documents are in a non-English language, remember to get a certified translation in Australia from a NAATI-certified translator. After this, download the Ola app.
  3. Background Check: Once your documents are verified, you'll undergo a background check.
  4. Vehicle Inspection: If required in your city or state, have your vehicle inspected to ensure it meets Ola's standards.
  5. Training: Some regions might require a short training or orientation session.
  6. Start Driving: Once approved, turn on the Ola app and start accepting rides!


Tips for New Ola Drivers


Tips for Ola drivers
  1. Familiarize yourself with the popular spots and rush hours of your city. This can help you earn more during peak times.
  2. Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the support team. They're there to assist you.
  3. Stay Professional. Good service can lead to better ratings and more rides.
  4. Maintain Your Vehicle, arrange regular checks and maintenance to ensure a smooth ride for your passengers and fewer chances of breakdowns.
  5. Always prioritize your safety and that of your passengers. Make use of the SOS feature whenever necessary.


Update to Ola Services

Ola regularly refines its services based on user feedback, technological advancements, and changing market dynamics. Some notable updates they have added recently, are:

  • Ola Electric: Ola announced its ambitions related to electric vehicles. They launched Ola Electric Mobility, aiming to produce electric two-wheelers. In India, they started accepting bookings for their electric scooter, which gained significant attention.
  • Ola Financial Services: Ola ventured into financial services, offering a range of products from insurance to micro-loans, aiming to provide value-added services to its large user base.
  • Expansion Plans: Ola has been looking to expand its reach in several international markets, including New Zealand, the UK, and more regions in Australia.



Becoming an Ola driver in Australia is a straightforward process. With flexible working hours, competitive pricing, and robust safety measures like the SOS feature, it presents a lucrative opportunity for many. If you have a vehicle, can meet the requirements, and are in search of a way to earn, driving for Ola might just be the perfect fit. Remember the essential steps, ensure all documents are in order (using certified translation services if necessary), and you'll be on your way to a rewarding experience on the roads of Australia. We wish you all the best in your new job!


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