Marrying Abroad: Mexico Marriage Requirements 101

Created: Nov 26, 2020 | Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Hola! Mexico is an astounding destination for weddings and civil union ceremonies. It may be a significant distance from the U.K., but its close proximity to the U.S. has meant that marriages by extranjeros (foreigners) are common, especially in popular destinations like the Pacific beach side resort of Acapulco or its Caribbean equivalents, Merida and Cancun. 

This article outlines the requirements for UK citizens looking to get married in Mexico, the documents and procedures required, and guidance on how to obtain translations or legalisations if any are required.

Getting Married in Mexico

Once you and your partner fly into Mexico, probably straight to your planned destination or via sprawling Mexico City you will find that organising a wedding there is relatively easy and will be accepted when you return home with only the minimum of paperwork. Note that Mexico, like the U.S. and Australia, is a federal country and each state has its own rules. These are generally very similar, but you do need to check out the particular state rules for the wedding location you have chosen.

Like any wedding destination outside of the U.K., however, it’s important to plan the wedding and any legal requirements well before you travel and not leave it too late. 


Civil unions and same sex marriages in Mexico

Both civil unions and same sex marriages are legal in most, but not all states, in Mexico. The number of states which now permit same sex marriages is gradually increasing. Note that all of these ceremonies are civil ceremonies. Same sex marriages are not permitted by the majority Catholic Church. You need to be aware of what the local registry office that provides a marriage ceremony requires. 

Civil unions or partnerships are called different names depending on the state where the ceremony rakes place. For example, in Coahuila State, it is called a pacto civil de solidaridad, while the same arrangement in the Mexico City Federal district it is called a sociedad de convivencia.


What documents do I need to get married in Mexico?

The documents you will need to take to the registrar you have chosen in your Mexican wedding or civil partnership destination will depend partly on the state you have your wedding in. the most common documents include the following:

  • identification in the form of a passport;
  • birth certificates;
  • a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI);
  • a statutory declaration; and
  • a statement of health from a Mexican medical facility.

CNIs are issued to show that you are free to marry (e.g. you are not married to anyone else). You can get the CNI before you leave the U.K. and have it translated into Spanish. CNIs cost 35 pounds from your local registry office. You have to wait for 28 days while the intention to marry is posted at the registry office. You will then get the certificate as long as there have been no objections. 

The statutory declaration is a legal document which affirms that the information in the CNI you hold is true. If you get your CNI in the U.K. before you go to your wedding (the preferred option), you should get a statutory declaration by making an appointment with a solicitor who will sign and stamp your declaration.  

Both the CNI and the statutory declaration should be legalised before they are valid as part of your Mexico marriage requirements. You can get them legalised by sending the documents to the UK Legalisation office who will confirm that the details are correct and provide an apostille, which is a separate certificate with a stamp and signature that is valid in Mexico and any country that recognises the Hague Convention. The apostille should also be translated into Spanish by a certified translator. 

For all other documents needed to obtain the CNI and statutory declaration please check our general destination wedding document information here.

Your civil partnership will be recognized in the UK as long as:

  • you follow the correct process according to the law in Mexico;
  • it would be allowed under UK law.


Additional Information

Other Documents RequiredLegalisation Required?Translation Required?
Marriage application formsNoNo
Visitor’s permitNoNo
Foreign marriage permit (only applicable in certain states)NoNo


  • Civil Partnership: Some forms of civil union are recognised in certain states;
  • Same-Sex Marriage: Legal;
  • It’s worth noting that your statutory declaration and Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) will both need to be legalised;
  • You will need to have medical examinations in Mexico to test your blood;
  • You may also need to undertake additional medical examinations depending on any health condition(s);
  • Foreign marriage requirements can vary from state to state;
  • There are no official residency requirements for marriage in Mexico.

Click here for more information about getting married in Mexico.

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