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Navigate the roads globally with confidence by getting your Driver’s License translated for international travel, car rentals, or legal driving requirements abroad.

Perfect for international travelers, expatriates, or those seeking to drive legally in a foreign country. Our translations facilitate your mobility and freedom across borders.

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Traducciones aceptadas

Nuestras traducciones certificadas y juradas son ampliamente aceptadas por gobiernos, universidades y tribunales en todas partes.

Países soportados

Proporcionamos traducciones oficiales aceptadas globalmente. Los países incluyen:

También proporcionamos traducciones legalizadas con una Apostilla que son aceptadas en los 86 países que forman parte de la Convención de La Haya.

Why do I Need a Certified Driver's License Translation?

When travelling, working, or relocating abroad, a certified translation of your driver's license is often required. This is because local authorities, car rental agencies, and insurance companies need to understand your driving credentials. A certified translation ensures that your driver's license is accurately translated and recognized as an official document in the new country, adhering to legal standards.


What are the Translation Requirements for a Driver's License?

When it comes to translating a driver's license for use in a foreign country, there are specific and crucial requirements that must be met to ensure the translated document is legally valid and universally accepted. These requirements vary depending on the destination country, but some key aspects are generally applicable:

  1. Accuracy and Completeness: The driver’s license translation must be a precise and complete replica of the original driver's license. This includes not only the driver's personal information but also any classifications, restrictions, and endorsements. Every detail, including symbols and stamps, should be accurately translated to maintain the document's integrity.
  2. Certification: A certified translation is a necessity. This means the translated document comes with a signed statement from the translation company, attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation. This certification is crucial as it assures authenticity to foreign authorities.
  3. Qualified Translators: The translation should be carried out by a professional translator who is fluent in both the source and target languages. Ideally, the translator should also have a background in legal or official document translation, as they will be familiar with the specific terminologies and formats required.
  4. Formatting and Layout: The translated document should mirror the format of the original license as closely as possible. This includes the layout of the information, the size of the document, and even the placement of seals or logos. Adherence to format is vital for ease of recognition and acceptance by foreign authorities.
  5. Notarization: In some cases, the translated document may need to be notarized. This involves the translation being stamped and signed by a Notary Public, adding an extra level of verification to its authenticity.
  6. Compliance with Local Laws: Each country has its legal requirements for translated documents. Some may require the translation to be submitted to specific governmental departments for approval, while others might have special stipulations about the translator's qualifications.
  7. Data Privacy and Security: Ensuring the confidentiality and security of the personal information contained within the driver's license is paramount. Professional translation services must adhere to strict data protection protocols to safeguard your details.
  8. Time-Stamped and Version Control: Especially for legal and official uses, the translation might need to be time-stamped, indicating when it was translated. Version control is also crucial if the original document undergoes any changes or updates.


Drivers license translation 


How do we Translayte Your Driver's License?

At Translayte, our process for translating driver's licenses is meticulous and tailored to meet legal standards. We assign your document to a professional translator who is fluent in both the source and target languages and has expertise in legal and technical translations. The translator ensures that every detail from your original license is accurately translated and formatted appropriately for the target country.


When Will a Driver's License Translation be Needed?

A translated driver's license is often required in several scenarios:

  • When applying for a local driver's license in a foreign country.
  • For identification purposes in legal and governmental proceedings.
  • When renting a vehicle abroad.
  • During travel, as a supplementary document to your passport.

Knowing when to have your license translated can save you time and hassle in these situations.


How Does Our Driver's License Translation Service Work?

Our driver's license translation service is streamlined for ease and efficiency:

  • Select Type of Translation: Select “Certified Translation” from the options provided.
  • Select Language & Requirements: Choose the target language and any specific requirements needed for the translation.
  • Upload Your Document: Securely upload a clear scan or photo of your driver's license.
  • Translation and Review: Our professional translators work on your document, ensuring accuracy and compliance with all requirements.
  • Delivery: Receive your translated driver's license via email or post, ready for use.
  • Customer Support: Our team is available DURING and AFTER for any queries or additional assistance you might need.

Muestras de traducción certificada

Entregamos sus traducciones certificadas como un documento digital PDF y nos esforzamos por reproducir el diseño y el formato siempre que sea posible. Su traducción está firmada y certificada según corresponda.

La información de identificación personal ha sido redactada.

Translayte certified translation Traducción certificada estándar
sworn translation france Traducciones juradas en Francia
sworn translation German Traducciones certificadas Alemania
sworn translation Netherlands Traducciones juradas al neerlandés
sworn translation spanish Traducciones juradas al español

Precios de las traducciones certificadas

Traducción estándar

De {{ pricing.service[0].fee * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Adecuado para documentos personales sencillos, incluidos certificados de nacimiento, matrimonio, policía o académicos.

Traductor profesional Revisión de calidad interna
Traducción profesional

De {{ (pricing.service[0].fee * pricing.service[0].professional_fee[2]) * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Ideal para documentos profesionales y oficiales como contratos, propuestas comerciales o documentación gubernamental.

Traductor profesional Corrector Revisión de calidad interna
Traducción especializada

De {{ (pricing.service[0].fee * pricing.service[0].professional_fee[3]) * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Lo mejor para materiales complejos como registros médicos, documentos legales o manuales técnicos.

Traductor Especializado Corrector Revisión de calidad interna

El precio anterior excluye el IVA (aplicable a residentes del Reino Unido o la UE). Se aplican cargos adicionales si necesita envío, traductores jurados, urgencia, notarización o apostilla.

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Traducciones aceptadas

Nuestras traducciones certificadas tienen una aceptación amplia en todas partes .
Países soportados

Proporcionamos traducciones oficiales aceptadas globalmente. Los países incluyen:

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— Darrell

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