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Get your documents translated by certified French translators to support your immigration, legal, or academic applications in France or at a French embassy.

Our Certified French translations are accepted by Official Institutions, Universities, Banks, Local Authorities, and Courts.

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Entrega Rápida

Obtén traducciones en tan solo 12 horas, incluso los fines de semana y festivos.

Soporte 24/7

Contáctanos en cualquier momento vía chat, correo electrónico, SMS, teléfono o WhatsApp.

Aceptación Global

Aceptado por gobiernos, universidades y tribunales de todo el mundo.

Países soportados

Proporcionamos traducciones oficiales aceptadas globalmente. Los países incluyen:

También proporcionamos traducciones legalizadas con una Apostilla que son aceptadas en los 86 países que forman parte de la Convención de La Haya.

Certified French translation services

At Translayte, we specialise in providing sworn translation services in France. Our expert translators are fluent in French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch and many more language combinations, allowing them to deliver French to English translations and many others. This portfolio enables us to ensure that your documents are translated accurately and meet all legal and official requirements. 

We understand the importance of precision and reliability, especially for legal, medical, and official documents. Our French translation agency is trusted by clients worldwide for its fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. Whether you need certified translations for immigration, business, or personal use, Translayte is here to help. Get in touch now for reliable and professional document translation services.

French to English translation services with native speakers

French evolved from Latin, emerging in written form around 842 AD. While various dialects existed, the Francien dialect of Île-de-France gained prominence.

In 1539, the Ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts declared French the official language of administration and law, replacing Latin. This act solidified French's importance and spurred the need for translations between French and other languages.

France became a cultural powerhouse, with renowned authors like Victor Hugo and Molière enriching French literature. Translation services played a crucial role in bringing these works to a global audience. Translayte carries this legacy forward by providing exceptional French translation services delivered to you by native french translators.

French translation services for all languages

Translayte provides comprehensive French translation services for various languages. Our team of sworn translators in France can translate documents to and from French, covering languages such as Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and more. Visit our language pages to see the full range of languages we support.

Most translated French to English documents

Birth CertificatesMarriage Certificates
Academic TranscriptsLegal Contracts
Business AgreementsMedical Records
Immigration Documents Financial Statements
AffidavitsVaccine Records

Translayte’s French language translation process

  1. Navigate to 'ORDER YOUR TRANSLATION' on the Translayte home page.
  2. Choose between ‘Certified Translation’ and ‘Professional Translation’.
  3. Select the source and target languages respectively.
  4. Upload the document(s) you need to be translated.
  5. Select the type of certification you require (if applicable).
  6. If you want expedited services, select that option. Provide any extra instructions after this.
  8. Make the payment securely online. Once your order is placed, our team will assign it to a suitable sworn translator, and you'll receive the translated document within the specified timeframe.

Our French translation services

Certified Translation Sworn TranslationLegal Translation 
Medical Translation Marketing TranslationWebsite Translation 
E-commerce TranslationTechnical Translation Professional Translations

Why choose Translayte for French translation services?

At Translayte, we understand that accurate and efficient translation is something people need help finding. Our commitment to excellence, our experienced team of professional French to English translators, and our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart.

  • Expertise: Our team consists of 5000+ experienced sworn translators, editors, and proofreaders who specialise in various industries and language combinations.
  • Quality Assurance: We follow a rigorous, multi-step quality assurance process, powered by automation to ensure your translations are accurate, clear, and culturally appropriate.
  • Fast Turnaround: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and are committed to delivering your translations on time, every time. We offer flexible turnaround times from as low as 12 hours.
  • Confidentiality: All our team members are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements, and we implement the latest encryption technologies to protect your files and information.
  • Personalised Service: We value our clients and are dedicated to providing personalised attention to each project. Our responsive customer support team is available 24/7 (even on public holidays and weekends) to address your concerns.

Contact us today to learn more about our French translation services and to order your translation.


What is a certified French translation?

A certified French translation is an official translation of a document from French or to French which includes a statement of accuracy signed by the translator. It is often required for legal, medical, and official documents.

How does the French translation process work?

Our process includes document review, assignment to a certified translator, thorough translation, rigorous proofreading, and final delivery to ensure accuracy and quality, all of this within 12-24 hours.

How long does the translation take and what is the cost?

The turnaround time and cost depend on the length and complexity of the document. However, we guarantee, delivery from as low as 12 hours to 24 hours with translation costs starting from $27.50 per page.

What documents and languages do you translate?

We translate a wide range of documents, including legal, medical, business, and personal documents. We support translations to and from French and over 160 languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and more.

What is Translayte's accuracy rate for French to English translations?

Our French to English translations have a high accuracy rate, according to Trust Pilot, thanks to our team of experienced, sworn translators and rigorous quality control processes.

Muestras de traducción certificada

Entregamos sus traducciones certificadas como un documento digital PDF y nos esforzamos por reproducir el diseño y el formato siempre que sea posible. Su traducción está firmada y certificada según corresponda.

La información de identificación personal ha sido redactada.

Translayte certified translation Traducción certificada estándar
sworn translation france Traducciones juradas en Francia
sworn translation German Traducciones certificadas Alemania
sworn translation Netherlands Traducciones juradas al neerlandés
sworn translation spanish Traducciones juradas al español

Precios de las traducciones certificadas

Traducción estándar

De {{ pricing.service[0].fee * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Adecuado para documentos personales sencillos, incluidos certificados de nacimiento, matrimonio, policía o académicos.

Traductor profesional Revisión de calidad interna
Traducción profesional

De {{ (pricing.service[0].fee * pricing.service[0].professional_fee[2]) * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Ideal para documentos profesionales y oficiales como contratos, propuestas comerciales o documentación gubernamental.

Traductor profesional Corrector Revisión de calidad interna
Traducción especializada

De {{ (pricing.service[0].fee * pricing.service[0].professional_fee[3]) * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Lo mejor para materiales complejos como registros médicos, documentos legales o manuales técnicos.

Traductor Especializado Corrector Revisión de calidad interna

El precio anterior excluye el IVA (aplicable a residentes del Reino Unido o la UE). Se aplican cargos adicionales si necesita envío, traductores jurados, urgencia, notarización o apostilla.

Encarga una Traducción Certificada

Más razones para usarnos

Cualquiera que sea el servicio que necesite, puede estar seguro de que tenemos la solución adecuada para usted. Aquí hay algunas razones más para elegir Translayte:

Pedido Fácil en Línea

Ordena todos nuestros servicios en línea con facilidad. No necesitas contactarnos para una cotización.

Precios Fijos y Anticipados

Precios fijos y transparentes para todos nuestros servicios. Conoce el costo por adelantado usando nuestro formulario de pedido.

Asistencia y Entregas 24/7

Soporte y entrega las 24 horas impulsados por nuestro equipo global en 13 países.

Entrega Impulsada por Automatización

Más del 50% de nuestro proceso de entrega está automatizado, asegurando un servicio rápido y eficiente.

Soporte Multilingüe

Soporte impulsado por IA disponible en varios idiomas para una comunicación fluida.

Comunicación sin Esfuerzo

Comunicación directa con tu traductor asignado o gerente de proyecto para asegurar claridad.

Más de 85k clientes atendidos

Confiado por más de 85,000 clientes en más de 160 países. Experiencia en la que puedes confiar.

Sus Datos, Seguros

Adoptamos prácticas líderes en la industria para garantizar que sus datos confidenciales permanezcan seguros.

Documentos que traducimos

Podemos producir traducciones oficiales de un amplio rango de documentos.

Estos incluyen:

Haga clic aquí para documentos que traducimos.


Podemos traducir de y a más de 130 idiomas.

Proporcionamos traducciones de cientos de pares de idiomas y trabajamos con hablantes nativos que entienden normas culturales y legales.

Haga clic aquí para idiomas que cubrimos.

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