Sworn Translations for France

Obtain a sworn translation (traduction assermentée) of your personal or business document to support an immigration, civil, legal or academic application in France, or at an Embassy.

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Get your translations delivered accurately and on time, from as early as 12 hours, even during weekends and public holidays.

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Accepted Translations

Our certified and sworn translations are widely accepted by governments, universities and courts everywhere.

Countries Supported

We provide official translations that are accepted globally. Countries include:

We also provide legalised translations with an Apostille that are accepted in all 86 countries that are party to the Hague Convention.

Sworn Translations in France

If you're presenting a non-French document as part of a government, embassy or institutional application in France, then you'd be asked to present a sworn translation.


Official Translations by an Official Translator Sworn in France

In France, sworn translations require a sworn translator. Sworn translators in France are professional translators who have sworn an oath in court, undergone a selection process and are authorised to translate from select languages into French. They are sworn in by the Regional Court of Appeal where the official document translator lives and are all listed on the "Annuaire de Traducteurs Assermentés". 

For sworn translations used within France, the certified sworn translator’s signature and stamp on the translation of official documents make it acceptable to all relevant authorities.


Translations Used Abroad or at Embassies

When French residents, expatriates, or businesses need to engage with authorities outside of France, they may be required to provide documents that are not only translated but also certified. This is particularly relevant in scenarios such as immigration applications, international business contracts, academic enrollments abroad, marriage registrations, and legal proceedings in foreign jurisdictions.

Embassies and consulates play a critical role in the certification process. For documents to be used abroad or for foreign entities within France, the translation often needs to be endorsed by the embassy or consulate of the relevant country. This endorsement verifies that the translation meets the specific standards and requirements of that country. Some countries require a further step known as legalization or apostille, which authenticates the seals and signatures on documents, including certified translations, to be accepted across borders under the Hague Apostille Convention.


The Format of a Sworn Translation

  1. Translator's Certification: The document will feature a statement by the sworn translator certifying that the translation is a true and faithful representation of the original document.
  2. Seal and Signature: A sworn translation must bear the official seal and signature of the sworn translator. This is a critical element that authenticates the document and confirms the translator's status as a court-appointed professional.
  3. Identification Details: The translation will include the official document translator's contact information, their appointment credentials by the court, and possibly their professional registration number. This information is essential for verification purposes.
  4. Original Text Reference: Sworn translations often include references to the original document, such as the date of the document, the issuing authority, and any official seal or stamp it bears. This practice ensures a clear linkage between the translation and the original document.
  5. Formatting: The translation should mirror the format of the original document as closely as possible. This includes the layout, signatures, stamps, and any notations. Maintaining the original's format aids in the document's recognition and acceptance by authorities.


Apostille of the Translation 

As we mentioned previously, you may also be required to obtain an Apostille for your translation. The official English to French translation of documents is submitted to the Apostille office at the court where the person (e.g. notary) who legalised the signature of the sworn translator is located. This is where the Apostille will be attached to your translated document(s). 

We can also help you meet your Apostille needs but would recommend that you first confirm the requirements with the requesting authority before placing an order.


Where are Sworn Translations Required?

Translayte can provide Sworn Translations in French that are accepted by any of the agencies or organisations below.

Our sworn translations are also accepted by the following organizations in France:

  • Universities
  • Banks
  • Local authorities
  • Courts
  • Foreign Embassies
  • French Police


Documents That Require Sworn Translation in France

Here are some documents you may be required to get a sworn translation for in France, depending on what your use case is. For all of the documents below, we can provide translations from and into more than 70 languages, such as English to French translations of various documents. 

And more...


What are the Requirements of a French Sworn Translator - Translayte?

To provide you with an accurate and efficient sworn translation that meets the standards for use in France, we kindly request the following:

Original Documents:

  • Please provide a clear and legible copy of the document(s) you need to be translated. For certain types of sworn translations, we may require the original document.

Purpose of Translation:

  • Kindly inform us of the specific context in which the translation will be used (e.g., legal, academic, business) to ensure it meets the necessary criteria.

Format & Design Preferences:

  • Share your desired file format for the translated document.
  • Let us know if you have specific layout or design requirements for the translated content.


  • Please specify when you need the translation completed and returned to you.

Points of Contact:

  • Designate a person or team we can reach out to for any clarifications or questions during the translation process.

Feedback on Previous Translations:

  • If you've worked with us or another agency in the past, any feedback or specific terminology preferences would be valuable.

Confidentiality Concerns:

  • Your privacy is our utmost priority. If you have specific confidentiality requirements or wish to have an NDA in place, please let us know.

Payment Details:

  • Confirm your agreement with our payment terms, rates, and preferred payment methods.

Additional Services:

  • Should you require extra services such as proofreading, formatting, or desktop, notarization, apostille or publishing alongside the translation, please specify upfront.

Reference Materials:

  • If you have glossaries, previously translated materials, or style guides relevant to the content, providing them will aid in ensuring consistency.


  • As you require a sworn translation for use in France, please confirm if you need the translated document to be notarized.


FAQs About Sworn Translations in France


Who is a Sworn Translator?

 A sworn translator is a professional translator who has undergone professional training to become an authorised translator for certain language(s) and has taken an oath in a regional court in France to attain the 'Sworn' status.

Why Do I Need a Sworn Translation in France?

A sworn translation is often required for official documents that will be presented to governmental, legal, or academic institutions in France. Examples include birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, legal contracts, and court documents. These institutions require translations by sworn translators to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and legal validity of the translated content.

How Soon Will I Receive my Sworn Translation?

The turnaround time for a sworn translation varies based on the length and complexity of the document. However, at Translayte, we understand the urgency of such translations and typically aim to deliver them within 24 - 48 hours. If you have a particularly tight deadline, please let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.


How do I Order my French Sworn Translation?

Ordering a sworn translation with Translayte is simple:

  1. Visit our website and navigate to the "Order Your Translation" section on the home page.
  2. Select "Certified Translations”
  3. Upload the document(s) you need to be translated.
  4. Choose your desired delivery date.
  5. Provide any specific instructions or requirements.
  6. Select extra forms of authentication like notarization or apostille, that you may require.
  7. Make the payment securely online. Once your order is placed, our team will assign it to a suitable sworn translator, and you'll receive the translated document within the specified timeframe.


How Much Does a Sworn Translation Cost in France?

The cost of a sworn translation depends on several factors, including the length of the document, its complexity, and the language pair involved. Our pricing is competitive, ensuring you receive high-quality translations at affordable rates. For a precise estimate, please upload your document to our website to get a free quote.


Do you also do French-English Sworn Translations?

Yes, Translayte provides quality French-English sworn translations delivered swiftly. We also provide translations to and from over 100 languages. 


How to Become a Sworn Translator in France

Becoming a sworn translator in France, also known as a "traducteur assermenté", involves a formal process that certifies a translator to produce official translations recognized by French courts and administrative bodies. This certification allows the translator to legally attest to the accuracy and fidelity of translations for documents such as legal contracts, official reports, birth certificates, and other formal papers required in legal and administrative proceedings.


Certified Translation Samples

We deliver your certified translations as a digital PDF document and endeavour to replicate the layout and formatting where possible. Your translation is signed and certified as appropriate.

Personally identifiable information has been redacted.

Translayte certified translation Standard Certified Translation
sworn translation france Sworn translations France
sworn translation German Certified translations Germany
sworn translation Netherlands Sworn translations Netherlands
sworn translation spanish Sworn translations Spain

Certified Translation Pricing

Standard Translation

From {{ pricing.service[0].fee * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Suitable for straightforward personal documents, including birth, marriage, police or academic certificates.

Professional Translator Internal Quality Review
Professional Translation

From {{ (pricing.service[0].fee * pricing.service[0].professional_fee[2]) * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Ideal for professional and official documents like contracts, business proposals, or government documentation.

Professional Translator Proofreader Internal Quality Review
Specialist Translation

From {{ (pricing.service[0].fee * pricing.service[0].professional_fee[3]) * exchangeRate | currency(chargeCurrency.symbol) }} / {{ trans(pricing.service[0].qty_type) }}

Best for complex materials such as medical records, legal documents, or technical manuals.

Specialist Translator Proofreader Internal Quality Review

The pricing above excludes VAT (which is applicable if you are resident in the UK or EU). Additional fees apply if you require shipping, sworn translators, urgency, notarisation or an apostille.

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Accepted Translations

Our certified translations are widely accepted everywhere .
Countries Supported

We provide official translations that are accepted globally. Countries include:

Documents we translate

We can produce official translations of a wide range of documents.

These include:

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We can translate into, or from, over 130 languages.

We provide language translations spanning hundreds of language pairs and work with native language speakers who understand legal & cultural norms.

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